Amongst my friends, I'm sort of the "no makeup" masochist. Besides mascara and eyebrow pencil, I don't wear makeup and yet I will take the 7-10 skincare steps that are supposedly necessary before putting on foundation only to stay barefaced (and extra shiny). So, it's only natural that something inside me lit up when I read that the luxmi hydrating radiance serum from ilody was proclaimed as the "ultimate ‘no makeup’ product."

First off, the soft lavender packaging is a huge aesthetic plus. I was slightly thrown when I pulled out the serum that didn't exactly fall in line with the colour scheme but nonetheless, the unboxing experience was all very pleasant, and I loved finding that the dropper was slightly angled, giving you better control of the application. 

The most striking aspect of the serum is just how pearlescent the formula is. When they said "radiance", they weren't kidding. The serum is formulated with ingredients like kombucha, bearberry leaf and Persian silk tree designed to help achieve a brighter complexion. Had I read the ingredient list beforehand, I would've known that it was those active ingredients that made my skin slightly tingly the first night I used it but alas, I didn't and was left confused but glowing. Throughout the day, I would catch myself in the mirror with the light hitting all the right places – to the uninitiated, it may have looked as though I ran a kilometer or two in the 35 degree London heat but those who know, know. 

The golden serum looks quite thick in appearance but the texture is similar to hyaluronic acid and applies like a dream. And like hyaluronic acid, it has great hydrating properties (we see you, tremella mushroom). I added luxmi right before moisturiser but for those have already got their skincare routine curated to a tee, you can also use it as a makeup primer or as a highlighter to glide across your cheekbones. But hey, if we're really going for the 'no makeup' look, I say (gently) slap on this serum, let it do its thing and you're good to go. 

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