What better way is there to spend days in isolation, than to experiment with new beauty trends? While we continue yearning for the treatments that require leaving our dwellings for, why not reuse that pent up energy to get handsy, and DIY at home the ones we can do.

Founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti MBE; the pioneer who brought the Indian art of eyebrow threading to mainstream salon chairs, gives us her tips on the newest ancient skill she's resurrected: 'brow pinching'. This Ayurvedic practice uses massage techniques to reduce puffiness and increase blood flow in the eye area, making it the perfect antidote for heavy eyes that are continuously glued to laptop screens. With feeling energised and well rested as additional side effects, this wellness-meets-beauty treatment makes for a productive but relaxing break from work. Watch Vanita's step-by-step guide and learn more about the Brow Pinching process below.

What exactly is Brow Pinching and what does it do?
A new 10-minute treatment which aims to target key pressure points around the eye and brow area, helping to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate eyes.

How do we do it?
Step One
To stimulate the brow and eye area - Start off by applying Nourishing Brow Oil, or any kind of almond oil onto brows and massage in. Close your eyes and place your thumb and fingers at the front of your brows and slowly start pressing and rolling your brows all the way to the tail.

Step Two
Continue this motion three times from the front of the brow all the way to the tail (re apply oil if needed). As well as relieving tension, stimulating this part of the brow area with pinching helps encourage lymph drainage and improve circulation.

Step Three 
Place your middle finger and forefinger onto your temples and slowly massage clockwise three times and anticlockwise three times. This allows you to tap into the Marma points located in the temples: which release tension, stimulate blood flow and guide essential nutrients to cells to help rejuvenate the skin. 

Step Four 
Moving onto your third eye (located between your eyebrows) press your middle finger and forefinger using a reasonable amount of pressure and massage slowly, three times clockwise and three times anticlockwise. Through using pressure and massaging the temples, collagen production can be increased, improving skin elasticity and helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Step Five
Using Rosewater mist, or anything similar, spray onto two cotton pads and apply over the eyes. Lie down and relax for three minutes. Rosewater mist when combined with brow oil deeply nourishes and soothes at the same time, helping to reduce puffiness and refresh the eyes.

What time is best to do these exercises?
As with any exercise, mornings are ideal to calm the mind and awaken intuition, to kick start the day. Saying that, just like we do with any exercise, being active is better than no activity at all. 

What can we expect when we're able to receive a full Brow Pinching service at Blink Brow Bar?
As with any treatment, the best results will be with a trained therapist. The full service in store is a 10 minute treatment with additional massage steps around the brow and eye area. 

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