Millennials may favour having this fruit accompanying a poached egg on a slab of toast, but the beauty world are obsessed with this foodie favourite for another reason. 

As well as being good for your insides – they're known for improving heart and brain health – avocado's are abundant in natural oils that can penetrate the skin to deeply nourish, soften and hydrate. Expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, skin to be noticeably smoother and an increase in your skin's immunity against environmental aggressors if you incorporate the humble breakfast staple into your skincare routine, and it doesn't stop a la visage. Containing vitamins B and E, a coating of avo in your hair will protect hair strands from dryness and damage, control hair loss and repair scalp damage. 

To start filling your bathroom cabinets as well as your fridges with the stuff, look to our favourite beauty products, that have harnessed the green goodness and packed it in a bottle.

Elemis Superfood Cleansing Wash
Filled with a trio of greens – avocado, broccoli and pumpkin seed oils, as well as wheatgrass, kale and nettle – this Cleansing Wash from Elemis will deep-clean your skin without stripping its elements. Refresh and revive your skin with this group of superfoods, as a dose of this concoction would do to your body.

Glow Recipe Avocado Retinol Sleeping Mask
Take your beauty sleep to the next level by slathering this Avocado Retinol Sleeping Mask over your skin. With retinol acting as the powerhouse that'll stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover during the night, expect the accompanying avocado to nourish your skin, leaving you with supple, youthful skin the next morning.

Pai Skincare Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream 
Hydration products needn't be heavy on the skin , and this Pai Skincare Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream proves exactly that. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or for those in need of a light moisturiser, this buttery formula still packs a hydrating punch without leaving your skin greasy.

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream
Ready for some serious avo-action? Slather this Night Cream on before bed and wake up to skin that's been rejuvenated by the 100% avocado pear oil it comprises of.  

Green People Quinoa and Avocado Hair Serum
We love a 2-in-1 product at Because, and Green People Hair Serum/Leave in Conditioner is currently at the top of our essentials list. Use it add texture to your hair as a styling gel, or distribute it through damp hair to give it softness and smoothness. If it's convenience didn't win you over, rest assured its ginger and citrus scent will. 

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