'Sleep is for the dead!' Is the mantra every Londoner seems to live by without even realising, as a problem for many young professionals living in the big smoke - alongside increasing house prices and continuous grey skies, is a lack of time (mid-week drinks is a probable cause) to actually lay down and catch a full 8 hours rest. That's where Aesop, innovators of utilitarian design aesthetic and black and cream typography, step in and provide the answer to our sleep-less woes, with an overnight mask so powerful that your skin will have all the benefits of a good nights sleep whether you get the hours in or not. Bonus

The Sublime Replenishing Night Masque is the brands newest launch in their Skin Care+ range, designed to aid dull, patchy or fatigued skin and countering the effects of a life well-lived. Packed with as many vitamins as your kitchen cabinet, this mask works best when used overnight. Slap on after your bedtime cleansing routine, leave it a few minutes to set, then rest your head as you let the fusion of hydrators infiltrate your skin. Innovation Director at Aesop, Dr Kate Forbes, spoke to us about what the combination of sleep and this mask could do.

What reasons are there for keeping it on overnight?
Sublime Replenishing Night Masque has been formulated to provide sustained benefits for the skin in a format that provides a more sustainable packaging solution compared with traditional sheet masks.

We acknowledge that for many, facial treatments are best applied at the end of the day when there is an opportunity to pause and indulge in skin care rituals. The presence of Sodium Carrageenan and Saccharide Isomerate means that the product will offer sustained hydrating benefits even when removed from the skin 30-minutes post-application, however longer exposure times simply increase and optimise the hydrating and balancing benefits. A combination of film-forming agents work together to support and complement the hydrating ingredients, creating a breathable film that assists in providing greater skin residence and dispersion of functional ingredients if used for longer periods of time.

Does sleep play any part in enhancing the masks ability?
The hours we spend sleeping are a valuable opportunity to deliver product to skin, while we rest. We are less likely to touch our faces or to sweat heavily; two things that during the day can inadvertently work to remove product from the face. This uninterrupted exposure and prolonged skin contact time offer optimal chance of delivering the best possible results for the skin.

What's the importance of having all these vitamins in the mask?
The vitamins present in the formulation were selected for their individual and synergistic benefits to skin.

Vitamin F: the formulation contains two essential fatty acids derived from Safflower Oil—Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid—to deliver Vitamin F. Fatty acids, also known as lipids, are incredibly important when it comes to maintaining a strong, healthy stratum protective outer layer of the skin.

Vitamin B3: our formulations utilise Niacinamide, the amide form of skin-strengthening Vitamin B₃. This moisturising ingredient is also recognised for its soothing properties.

Provitamin B5: It is a humectant moisturiser that helps maintain softened skin. Alongside its hydrating character, Panthenol is renowned for its soothing properties.

Vitamin C: our skin requires Vitamin C, particularly as this is a resource readily depleted. A potent antioxidant, Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate works to balance, brighten, and fortify skin. Involved in almost every stage of collagen production, Vitamin C is skin supportive, lending skin resilience.

Vitamin E: a richly nourishing ingredient, Vitamin E offers exceptional skin conditioning alongside its notable anti-oxidant properties. When combined with Vitamin C, the two work in concert to fortify skin.

Along with using this mask, what other tips would you give to keep skin hydrated?
Aesop believes in an uncomplicated approach to skin care, focusing on the health of the skin. We advocate the daily use of our formulations as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise and plenty of fluids. We know there are moments that the skin is more prone to dehydration; in-flight, when exposed to extreme heating to cooling and in periods of stress, so during these times it is especially important to pay attention to your intake of water and diligently apply skin care products to help lock moisture into your skin and maintain hydration.

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