While I’d never lay claim to the skills of a makeup artist, I know that given sufficient time (and patience from those in my immediate surroundings), I’d be capable of producing a fair-to-middling face of slap.

Hair styling, on the other hand, is a very different matter: The ability to tame, twirl or even tease my tresses has forever evaded me. On the day that they were dishing out those skills, well, clearly I missed the memo...

Any product that professes to make my entirely un-dexterous hands work a little more effectively in that department is music to my ears – and a hair straightener that boasts 'single pass' potential is the perfect example of such!

Promising professional results (even to a rookie like me), T3’s Single Pass X Straighteners use tourmaline and ceramic plates to ensure zero damage to every ironed strand; they'll also seal the hair cuticles to guarantee that glossy finish we unanimously crave. All of which is comforting, since they heat to an astonishing temperature of 232°C, that’ll take your locks from zero to hero in no time at all.

So far, so encouraging... That’s why I decided to put them to the test!

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