Skin and chocolate are often oxymoronic. While the edible properties of sugar are likely to break you out, cacao – the organic root of chocolate – is in fact prevalent in soothing blemishes and getting a brighter complexion, when topically applied.

This Easter, we went on the hunt for products that feature the best seasonal ingredients, so you can banish the redness and raid the (Easter) egg basket, all in the name of clear skin...

To save you from harsh spring sunshine, Josh Rosebrook comes to the rescue with a nourishing cacao formula. All natural, ingredients of rose petal and jojoba oil blend smoothly into a protective shield, that never dries skin out. Circulation-triggering, stimulants like ginger act quickly to boost colour and bloodflow to the face – meaning you will be rosy red after immediate use! Developed to tackle deeply-set toxins, improve sun impairments and restore cellular balance, this antioxidant mask is required only 45 minutes per week. Once applied evenly, allow the cream to absorb then rinse and towel dry for a clarified result.

Skincare isn’t always topical, which is why this Kiki Health powder supplement is high on our Easter exclusives list. Tasting of chocolate makes it an instant win, but the real goodness is with thanks to its dietary regulation power and nutritional versatility. Armed with a wealth of minerals, this organic mixture supports digestion, maintains blood pressure and battles fatigue. Completely vegan, the cacao formulation has been sourced from volcanic soil and left in its raw, unprocessed state. To consume, add to a dessert recipe, yoghurt or smoothie as part of a balanced diet.

Count on your caffeine to buff away dead skin cells and provide an uplifting aroma on weary mornings. The Sister & Co. Skin Food scrub proves it's not all about what goes into your body. Circular motions on its surface work wonders for exfoliation, and it’s down to coffee and cacao particles to eliminate unwanted dead skin cells. Spring is the time for rejuvenation and now your skin can participate – use this product once or twice a week, applying onto damp skin with fingers or a buffing mitt. Have a quick once-over, wash it off and you can get back to consuming chocolate eggs. Skincare at its speediest!

While we don’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket, we do think these products belong in your shopping cart, at least...

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