What… The 'Queen of Green Beauty', Tata Harper’s Supernaturals 2.0 collection of six hero products

Why… Because 155 active ingredients, zero synthetic chemicals and a promise of brightness and tightness... uh, hello?

Tata Harper has long been dubbed the 'Queen of Green Beauty' and for a damn good reason. An original purveyor of non-toxic, 100% natural beauty products, the Vermont-based engineer-turned-skincare stalwart has been at the helm of the green beauty uprising since day dot. She is, well, the Queen.

With Tata, there's no mass-production – everything is lovingly hand-selected from around the globe and bottled at her farm in Shoreham, Vermont, which she's called home for about 18 years. The same goes for her latest range, Supernaturals 2.0, that harnesses complex chemistry and goodness from quality sources. Some 155 high-performance actives find themselves used in conjunction, meaning it's out with myriad products and in with a potent, targeted heroes. Think shelf space, galore... 

Comprising three sets of duos, the products work in tandem for maximum benefits. The first pairing rings in 74 high-performance ingredients from 24 countries and is engineered with the most brightening and tone correcting technology: applying the Concentrated Brightening Essence first to pave the way for ample absorption of the Serum, here you can expect to restore a youthful radiance by tackling hyperpigmentation and dark circles. 

Meanwhile, thanks to its anti-aging neuropeptides, a smooth surface is the result from daily use of the Elixir Vitae Eye and Face Serum combo; the deepest of wrinkles are no match for this pair. Over 98 ingredients from 28 countries work in synergy with one another to firm, lift and tighten for a daily facelift. Elsewhere, coming in at third is the Boosted Contouring Duo. Both the Lifting and Firming Solution and Firming and Lifting Eye Balm reap the benefits of 77 botanical ingredients from 33 countries to increase firmness and elasticity, while reducing fine lines and dryness. As an added bonus, the eye balm works with a triple boost of retinol, to not only plump out the skin but to reduce any mottled patches. 

The new generation of skincare is well and truly here.

Bringing the products to life, The Lanesborough Club and Spa have partnered with the brand to create a menu of five bespoke signature treatments.
Discover the packages on offer via lanesboroughclubandspa.com and take cues from Tata to #GreenYourBeautyRoutine with the Supernaturals 2.0 collection:

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