What... STILL London – the salon that provides both a luxury and mindful beauty experience.

Why... You've heard of chemical peels, hydration masks and exfoliating, but what about holistic treatments?

Nestled at the back of a Dalston 'non-toxic' salon sits an unsuspecting corner of calm. It's Daisy Auberson's corner of calm. After working in the fashion industry for over a decade and with a key interest in holistic therapy, the therapist – who refers to herself as a free-spirit – yearned for a career that allowed her to have a 'positive effect on the environment and people around me.' This led her to STILL London – the salon that provides deep relaxation through both luxury and mindful beauty experiences

To learn more, we spoke with Daisy about the products they use, the treatments they offer and why we should book in, pronto...

What makes each facial unique? 
"All of my facials aim to provide a deeply meditative and holistic healing experience, but each individual treatment is tailored to achieve a different result. So for example, the Goddess is centred around revealing your natural skin radiance and the Divine Grace was created to support mature skin and graceful ageing."

"When naming the treatments I really wanted to choose words that invoke positivity and conjure up feelings of magic and healing rather than playing on the insecurities of the consumer."

What are the products you use in the High Vibe facial?
"At the beginning of the High Vibe treatment I assess the skin and choose products based on the individual needs of the client, but some of my favourite potions to use are Lapis and Emerald oil, Moon Fruit mask and Cloud Cream by Herbivore Botanicals. I have been using Herbivore on my personal skin journey since before East of Indigo was born and I continue to work with them because they are just an absolutely incredible brand. Every one of their products is non toxic, vegan and cruelty free and their formulas are all created for a specific purpose using pure, highly concentrated and active ingredients meaning that not only do their products look beautiful they are also highly effective. On top of that, Herbivore also promote inclusivity and support a number of charities including the Trevor Project, a charity that provides education and crisis and suicide prevention resources to LGBTQIA+ youth."

"As well as Herbivore Botanicals I use products by Disciple, a brand created by Psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson which are specifically formulated for those affected by hormonal acne or stress related breakouts. I also use other independent London-based brands such as Evolve, Guy Morgan and Nini Cosmetics."

How do you balance chakras and cleanse your auric field?
"I use a combination of Reiki, crystal healing, essential oils and sound therapy to realign chakras and restore a balanced energy flow. Each treatment varies from person to person and is intuitively tailored to meet the individual needs of the client."

"I am a strong believer that all healing starts from within – we can use all the fancy products and have all the treatments in the world, but if we are not addressing our emotional and energetic wellbeing, we cannot feel our best or reach our highest potential."

Why did you choose to team up with the salon?
"Well, this a tough question to answer as I absolutely believe that I was Divinely guided to the salon rather than it being a conscious decision! I was passing by one day when the salon first opened and decided to pop in and have a look, as soon as I stepped through the door and met Shelly ( the founder ) and her daughter ( Yasmin ) I knew that it was the right place for me to put my work out in to the world. Shelly and I are very much aligned in our mind set and really believe that beauty therapy is a form of healing and should be experienced as such."

Visit STILL London at 450 Kingsland Road, Dalston, London, E84AE, or book online via still-london.com.

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