What… Soleil Toujours' silicone-free After Sun Rescue and Repair Brightening Serum.

Why…This part-time after sun saviour, part-time brightening and pollution-busting serum is an all-round winner. If there’s one product you pack on your next sunny excursion, it’s this.

After last week’s sticky-icky heatwave (why the tube is yet to discover aircon, god knows), some of us have been left feeling a little worse for wear – with burnt scarlet shoulders and rouge-tinted noses all that’s left to show for the fleeting sun. If you were one of said few who *forgot* to lather up on the SPF and you’re now paying the price, fear not, for there is a solution for you… 

To sidestep a barrage of comments on how you should’ve packed on the factor 50, we're introducing you to Soleil Tojours' dream formula that works miracles round-the-clock. How? Well, as a repairing and calming formula, the serum reduces redness and irritation as well as hydrating skin to bring it back to a state of equilibrium.

Sunburn aside, the serum can be used throughout the year as a crucial line of defence. Utilising arabidopsis thaliana and artemisia vulgaris extracts, it neutralises and repairs damaged enzymes in the skin caused by environmental pollutants (London, we're pointing at you!). Meanwhile, you can too get your glow on as it also brightens skin and has anti-ageing agencies via vitamin E and oligopeptide and chromabright ingredients.

And if you thought this product couldn’t pack anymore of a punch, the silicone-free serum contains a variety of ingredients which are 100% coral reef safe. The brand has long championed the importance of saving our coral reefs and highlighted how important they are within the ecosystem - and so, from red algae to cyperus papyrus leaf cell extract, you can combat skin damage all whilst saving our oceans and planet! 

Step up your skincare and give your skin some TLC with the full Soleil Toujours range:

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