Gyms are a familiar haunt for me, especially when training for a marathon, as I had been for a while. But the Lanserhof at The Arts Club space is in a completely different realm. Though the "gym" was a very different experience to anything I have ever tried before, I was tempted by the promise of some of the-future-is-here-today equipment I was going to experience, to laser my training and focus even further.

On my initial visit to the space on Dover Street, I was quickly struck with how familiar it felt, belatedly realising it was the old Dover Street Market boutique that I was VERY familiar with, or at least my wallet was too. Yet this time, I came to the address for a very different reason. Instead of splurging on new items of clothing, I was to be watched, assessed, checked and thoroughly put through my paces so that the team at the Lanserhof at The Arts Club could create a bespoke training programme, tailor-made to my personal diet, body type, health and mindful well-being goals were to be aligned as well.

I began meeting the doctors; we talk health, take blood samples, and I get a full MOT as the team need to understand my lifestyle and health.  I submit to a 450 degree body mapping exercise, so they can understand my body as it was then, with its fat and muscle index measured to a T. Yes, that's right, 450 degrees. If you wanted, that mapped out status quo body could even be made into a model mannequin, if so desired, as a reminder of where I had started. I declined.

Next up is the movement lab, where infared dots are placed in specific places on my body, so I can see on the screen where my body moves as I run on two treadmills, and I get assessed on how much of my weight I tend to lean on, the way my foot hits the floor - all this information will help to train my stride when running, so that I don't cause injury as time goes on.

Then it's my time in the sub degree cryo double chamber- the initial is chamber is -110 degrees for 30 seconds , then you go into sub 160- degree chamber for up to 3 minutes.  I'm a big believer in how this quick torture actually helps recondition and stimulate muscle renewal.  Each second feels scarily slow and your hair on body feel like mini isicles all too able to break off with any wind movement.  No large movements are encouraged - just focus and breathe, apparently the Lanserhof at The Arts Club way.  Leaving the chamber, you always feel a sense of accomplishment. Well, I did.

The gym itself is a wide, open space yet feels private at the same time, mainly because the machines are separated enough so that you never feel too close to another member whilst using them.  You are only able to use the machines with your unique info so it calibrates the weight adjustments to identify with the program the team have set out for you - meaning no false starts of too heavy weights or speeds and everything is bespoke.

My favourite room of no-pain-no-gain is upstairs, beside the private Pilates reformer room; you walk into the room and are faced with a chic, white unit called 'icaros'. It was originally designed and used by astronauts to help prepare them for space , but now has been adapted for us mere mortals to use. Trust me, it works.  It’s a virtual reality workout in the most intense 20 minutes like nothing else I've ever done.  You step onto the bar, lay your forearms onto cushions, lower your legs and hold your core tightly in place, then apply the headset and choose your sport function - Mine was flying...
Within minutes I am dripping with sweat.  Jason, my trainer, corrects me whenever I need better posture and encourages slow movements. Insane.

Post fitness slot, I have booked in for some treatments to relax my mind and body. Their therapists are exceptional and are plugged into a seamlessly integrated system, so they know what I have just been up to - one click into my profile and they know what muscles I've used today and where I need reconditioning.

The doctors and spa can be booked without being a member, which is a bonus as these days in London that's quite rare for such amenities.

Once I finish up at the spa I waltz out of the space feeling like I can’t wait to get back in and be put through my paces - not a feeling I have normally after a gym class, but this ain't no normal gym. The future of fitness is here...

Lanserhof at The Arts Club memberships start at £6,500 per annum, more information can be found at

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