What? Mud masque by ORVEDA.

Why? An ancient remedy gets a modern lease of life.

Sue Y. Nabi, the legendary and enigmatic founder of ORVEDA, is revered industry-wide for her ability to spot the next big beauty trend. And yet, funnily enough, her latest launch found Sue seeking inspiration in a 5000 year-old tradition – looking back to the inception of Ayurveda – in order to invent the future.

Tapping into prebiotics, ORVEDA’s most recent release is a vegan clay mud masque that’s loaded with 28% bio-fermented properties – which basically means that the mask will literally come to life as it works with the skin and its healthy bacteria. In fact, in just a five-minute window, it promises to deeply hydrate, detoxify and imbue the complexion with a gorgeous glow.

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"Mud masques are probably the oldest skin remedy," Sue explains. "Their formulation of water and clay hasn’t changed for decades. While this is wonderful to deep-clean the pores, it poses a nightmare to your skin’s healthy levels of hydration and healthy protective oils and micro-flora, because it destroys every protecting layer and over-dries the skin."

Sue continues: "Utilising new prebiotic science, what ORVEDA does is to reinvent this mainstream iconic spa treatment so that it’s all about boosting the skin’s barriers to fight dehydration, dryness and inflammation – all of which traditionally go hand-in-hand with clay or masques."

As for us, we couldn’t be more excited by this new edition to the masque market. Not only does it stay wholeheartedly true to the brand’s glorious mission of reinventing age-old remedies with the latest science (Case in point: The brand’s sell-out skin serum, the Healing Sap), it also invites us to carve-out some dedicated time for our mind, body and soul.

"Time for yourself is the only moment where your cortisol levels lower," Sue tells us. "Cortisol is the stress hormone, but it's also the strongest ageing hormone. Taking time for yourself not only lowers your levels of stress, but it will also slow down the ageing process."

We don’t need to be told twice! This masque is onto a winner...

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