Much like traditions in dress and culture, beauty has its fair share of age-old traditions that have stood the test of time for several thousand years.

For its heritage ingredients and rituals that have made their way into Western regimes, the oriental beauty landscape is particularly interesting to trace. Familiar with charcoal, jade and matcha in the beauty space we may be, but how much do we really know about how these products that line our bathroom shelves?

Looking to Japan, Korea and China – for which said beauty mainstays originated – we've rounded up the best-in-class beauty brands that are modernising time-tested heritage.

While vegan and cruelty-free Boscia (an acronym for 'botanical science with advanced technology') may be based out of California today, the brand is rooted in Asian traditions. Founded in Japan 32 years ago, the brand looks to cutting-edge technology from the continent and pinches its core ingredient, charcoal, from its neighbouring Korea – the highest grade from the Jeju Island, to be precise. Harnessing activated black charcoal (kuro-zumi) and highly-adsorptive Binchotan white charcoal powder (which was birthed from the medieval 'Jomon era' of Japan) for their detoxifying, tightening and exfoliating properties, the brand considers itself the 'charcoal authority' for its know-how and sourcing – and the products make for an ideal antidote to city pollution. Wipe the canvas clean with a deep clean care of their detoxifying preservative and irritation-free cleanser, and follow with their fabled 'Pore Pudding' wash-off treatment to decongest and balance the skin without over-drying and irritating; kudos goes to the fun black and white look of the face mask.

Elsewhere, matcha is another J-beauty hero.  First adopted by the Japanese in the ninth century after monks returned from studying Zen Buddhism in China, the green tea-derivate is a special ritual in Japanese culture. Lauded for its medicinal purposes and for the ability to increase concentration during meditation, it's commonly known as the 'jewel in the crown of Japanese tea'. Meanwhile, in skincare its purifying and inflammation-reducing properties have seen it too gain clout as a special ritual – but this time for youthful skin and for cultivating a deep inner sense of wellbeing. By way of another American-based brand, Milk Makeup, the ingredient is the main component for their cult cleanse, tone and mask trio. Bolstered alongside other pore-clearing ingredients like organic cactus, lavender water and algae extract, the range is designed to shrink the pores and smooth and soften the skin... I.e it's a winner!

Then there's jade. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know all too well about the jade roller hype. Eyebrows they may raise for their measurable affects, but jade facial rollers have been a popular beauty regular in Chinese regimes since the 17th century. Used to massage the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage, thus removing toxins, decreasing dark circles and easing tension headaches as they go, jade rollers offer up a pretty good deal. While they arrive in rose quartz and gold, we're touting Yu Ling's classic roller of reconstituted jade as the frontrunner to get acquainted with.

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