Most of us have our facial skincare routines down pat – with toxic chemicals kept at arm’s length and antioxidant and pollution-busting formulas in their place. But, for our underarms, it’s sometimes a different story. The lure of a cheap and cheerful spray that does the job often trumps the effort of trying to find a natural alternative that actually works.

However, when it comes to our skin we’ve got to take it seriously – especially when harsh chemicals like parabens, aluminium compounds and triclosan are involved. And so, to point you in the right direction of pit protection, care of the power of plants, we’ve rounded up those that have the best intentions for our skin – promising not to irritate or clog pores.

Pharmacognosist and cosmetician, Dr. Simon Jackson, along with his husband John Murray, developed Modern Botany from a place of passion to create personal products derived from scientifically proven, sustainably-produced active plant extracts. After a long and wide-ranging career as a scientist, researcher and cosmetic product innovator, Dr. Jackson perfected the brand’s unisex deodorant spray using British native plants grown near their home in the West of Ireland.

And how does Modern Botany work so well? Talking technical: The unique witch hazel formula allows the body to sweat and release toxins, which is a natural and healthy function that shouldn’t be blocked like many antiperspirants try to do. Focusing on reducing the amount we perspire and promising a fresh aroma – by way of eleven essential oils including sandalwood, frankincense and eucalyptus – Modern Botany is a summer saviour.

Agent Nateur founder, Jena Covello, suffered for years from hormone-related health problems with little relief. Driven to take her healthcare into her own hands, she began a holistic approach to living – striving to lead a healthier life free of toxins and chemicals. This naturally evolved to the inception of her unisex deodorant brand aptly-named, Agent Nateur.

What began as a personal project quickly became a beauty bestseller thanks to her commitment to sourcing the most effective, non-toxic ingredients from around the globe in five unique fragrances. Our favourite is No.5 for its delicious scent of rose, cistus and cedarwood.

To avoid any (girl) smells throughout the day, Girls Smell’s vegan, cruelty-free roll-on is another excellent option. A brilliant choice for sensitive skin thanks to its absence of baking soda, the fresh lemon peppermint fragrance is derived from organically-grown ingredients – neutralising any unkindly odours. The natural formula is a lightweight clear liquid that quickly absorbs into the skin, meaning those embarrassing white marks on your new black tee are now thankfully a thing of the past.

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