What… An unfragranced probiotic-infused face and body mist that you’ll want to keep on hand while commuting.

Why… This mist eats up your sweat and turns it into nutrients for the skin!

Probiotics have been talk of the town in skincareville for some time now. Although some of us still might be dubious about (and grossed out by) slapping little living microorganisms on our face and body, Boston-based bio-tech brand, Mother Dirt, have formulated a range of biome-friendly personal care products. Within the range, it features a brand new take on the body mist – the AO+ Mist – which contains the only bacteria of its kind: a patented strain of Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria (AOB) found in soil. 

Investigating the idea that us humans are ‘too clean’, the company partnered with Chemical Engineering grads from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who discovered that using preservatives and lathering agents removes ‘native’ bacteria species from the skin. This, they’ve proved, is to blame for making our skin’s ecosystem more susceptible to problems like dryness and sensitivity... 

In turn, this drove Mother Dirt to concoct their AO+ Mist, which works to reverse said harm. How? The AOB bacteria actually eats up your sweat; instead turning it into healthy nutrients that feed the skin. Compatible with the skin’s natural microbiome, it restores balance in all skin types. With a bottle lasting four weeks, it promises – with regular use – to improve skin clarity, even out the complexion, and reduce dependence on deodorant, moisturiser and makeup. So, get spritz happy – spraying over makeup (and SPF!) up top, and onto pits to neutralise sweat.

Meanwhile, discover the rest of the Mother Dirt range, here:

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