I remember my first brush with Euthymol (bought soley for the pretty packaging, admittedly). Like a dental vindaloo, it shook me. It was, to be honest, a misadventure. But it opened my eyes to the possibilities of oral hygiene. Whilst mint variants may dominate the world of toothpastes, do not be fooled: you are not minty-fresh-out-of-choice. There is more than menthol. Goodbye halitosis, hello a brand-new niche obsession and bright pearly whites.

Here's our roundup of the best:

Italian toothpaste makers Marvis make fortified fluoride pastes that come in perfumed jasmine, ginger, cinnamon, aniseed or liquorice.

Lebon’s mouthwash is an herbaceous blend of mint, rosemary, sage, aloe vera and clove. It contains both green tea (the polyphenols help fight bacteria and bad breath) and citric acid (which helps reduce tartar). They also have green tea, blackcurrant, mango and ylang ylang toothpastes. It's a veritable tea buffet. Delish.

Buly 1803 make non-foaming toothpaste flavoured with either a spicy mixture of orange, ginger and clove or the subtle scent of apple. Containing citric acid, zinc nitrate, xylitol (a natural sweetener made from fibrous plant materials that reduces plaque), magnesium and calcium they offer total tooth health.

Aesop makes a mouthwash laced with a festive blend of star anise and clove. And their toothpaste, containing plaque-fighting xylitol and calcium carbonate, is flavoured with sea buckthorn and cardamom. Om nom.

Floris’ fluoride-free mouthwashes in rose and violet (think Swizzles Palma Violets) offer more floral notes. Inspired by a recipe found in the Floris archives, they contain a blend of anti-bacterial essential oils.

Georganics toothtabs are made with bicarb of soda with added calcium, potassium and magnesium. Flavoured with tee tree or red mandarin, there’s no need to fear a salty, soapy taste. Their antimicrobial coconut oil mouthwashes remove stains by the natural Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling.

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