Come high-summer (although outside in London might say otherwise), Instagram is off-bounds, for it's a place of heightened #FOMO – with feeds overrun by bronze goddesses' on their holibobs

For those among you who are soon to be guilty of igniting the green-eyed monster with your incoming snaps (#SorryNotSorry), before you go anywhere get clued up with the lotions and potions that will save your bacon.

Ecooking Solcreme Sunscreen Factor 30
Borne out of Tina Soegaard's Danish kitchen – in response to a personal crisis that left her skin more tired and grey than ever before – Ecooking's skin range is 100% organic and brimming with natural peptides and vitamins. 

Within the range, Tina has formulated an SPF with a blend of natural and organic ingredients and oils – like aloe vera and cucumber extract – which give lovin' to the skin and arrive as a soothing defence. Being 100% vegan, this waterproof SPF 30 is the crème de la crème of sun protection – and what's great is that it caters for both face and body. Lather us up!

Aesop Protective Facial Lotion
When we think about the credentials for a facial SPF, a Casper the (Friendly) Ghost-esque white sheen, which leaves pimples in its wake, is what we don't want. Fortunately, Aesop's lightweight formula – powered by a cocktail of antioxidant-rich ingredients like Green Tea, Panthenol and Tocopherol –promises to swerve the suncream cliche. While leaving the skin non-sticky with a matte finish and herbaceous aroma, this UVA- and UVB-defending Protective Facial Lotion of SPF 25 also doubles up as a moisturiser! We'll take a yearly subscription.... 

Herbivore After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist 
While sun-basking for hours on end seems a fantastic idea at the time, the aftermath is not always so pretty... To save you from Sunbathers Remorse and to feed that quenched skin with some much needed hydration, keep Herbivore’s After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist on hand to put the fire out. Rich in aloe, mint and lavender oils, this all-natural cooling combination of ingredients (and scent) will inject the life back into your skin – think refreshing results. To really reap the benefits and extra cooling effects, this mist is best kept stored in your fridge. Mmmm...

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