What… The first-of-its-kind plastic-free haircare range via We Are Paradoxx.

Why… Because haircare shouldn't cost the environment. 

Climate change has been the talk of the town of late, with environmental activist group, Extinction Rebellion, spearheading the conversation with their peaceful demonstrations that are now well into day ten.

Their message is a poignant one: that we’re in a period of ecological devastation and things need to change, sooner rather than later. We can all do more for the environment. 

An easy action for us all to take is to bid adieu to plastic. It's a big offender. There’s no ignoring the cold, hard facts: it takes up to a million years to disintegrate and it releases toxic chemicals in the process; only 5% of the world’s plastics are recycled effectively, while 40% end up in landfill and a third in fragile ecosystems, like the world’s oceans. Plus, although 90% of people recycle regularly in the kitchen, only 52% do so in the bathroom, meaning beauty, subsequently, is contributing heavily to the plastics issue. 

Aluminium, however, is the only material that can be recycled on an infinite loop – no matter how many times it’s recycled, it maintains its grade and can be reused in the same form, releasing no toxic chemicals as it breaks down. Harnessing such materials in the beauty sphere is socially conscious haircare brand, We Are Paradoxx, who can proudly call themselves 90% plastic-free, with up to 97% natural vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to boot. 

While hoping to start a domino effect for plastic-free packaging and to educate the wider industry through working with global movement, 1% for the Planet, to give 1% of revenue into research into plastic alternatives, We Are Paradoxx bring to market an arsenal of six signature products.

Damaged, frizz-prone hair gets a second wind with its leave-in Hangover Hair Elixir; limp locks amp up the volume with its Climax Volume Tonic; the Game Changer Hair Mask treats the tresses, while doubling up as a finishing cream; it’s Fierce Sea Salt Spray creates beach babe waves with a flexible hold; meanwhile, its Super Natural Shampoo and Secret Weapon Conditioner make for a double-trouble busting duo for healthy, hydrated and glossy hair… Hello, good hair with a good conscious! 

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