What… Guy Morgan’s first cleanser-cum-exfoliator: the Dagger Rose Facial Cleansing Powder

Why... Because this organic powder-to-foam concoction doubles up as your cleanser and exfoliator – paving the way for and delivering a hit of goodness

Often when we envisage a good ole deep facial cleanse, our minds are drawn to gritty exfoliating scrubs (that should be used sparingly for their harshness) and foam cleansers that yield Santa Claus-esque frothy beards, right? Wrong! Shred such notions and cleanse your mind (and face) to simpler times...

Taking the above two quintessential cleansing agents and imagining them in a less abrasive rose-scented concoction,
Guy Morgan makes a case for the trusty dusty powder cleanser. Gentle enough to be used every day yet thorough enough to wipe the canvas clean from the city’s pollutants, the water and alcohol-free Dagger Rose Facial Cleansing Powder is a two-in-one powerhouse. 

Activated much like easy as one-two-three cake pre-mixes, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and essential fatty acid blend comes alive with a splash of water. Boasting its benefits from a hybrid of ingredients, including flavonoid-rich chamomile that helps to decongest clogged pores, vitamin-c rich baobab (fabled for containing 20x the antioxidants of green tea), and retinol and essential fatty acid-infused rosehip (via the discarded husks of the ingredient from the cold press extraction method), there’s no skimping on the goodness with this winning formula.

Ensuring a comprehensive clean while balancing uneven skin tones and delivering nourishment (did we mention it harnesses nine certified organic extracts?), the cleanser too paves the way for more of the good stuff to get to work in the skincare rituals that follow – with not a dead skin cell in sight.

Econominal in nature for the fact it doubles up as both essential skincare steps, the product in fact prides itself on its waste-free process (see: the rosehip process) and its sustainable packaging – think 100% recyclable glass packaging and card outer packaging. Meanwhile it’s cruelty-free and vegan… In other words, a very good egg!

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