What… Herbivore Botanicals’ part-essence, part-serum PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion.

This botanical best-seller is a double do-gooder: The truly natural formula does wonders for the skin, and for Pride month, it donates $5 of every bottle sold to an LGBTQIA+ charity.

Seattle-founded start-up, Herbivore Botanicals, isn’t only interested in waving the (rainbow) flag for the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month. Inspired by their team – of which one third are of the queer community – all-year-round we see the brand donate $1 of every sale to support a chosen LGBTQIA+ charity. In the last year alone, their philanthropic initiatives raised $40,000, with their chosen causes spanning ocean conservation, the Puerto Rican aid crisis and the Trans Women of Colour Collective.

In honour of Pride month this year, the brand has now upped its usual donation from $1 to $5 per bottle of PRISM sold in aid of Immigration Equality – an organisation dedicated to offering legal assistance to LGBTQ+ immigrants in the U.S. 

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Proudly all-natural, every ingredient in the Glow Potion actively works with the skin to cleanse, brighten and moisturise. How? This part-essence, part-serum hybrid gently exfoliates the top layer of skin cells thanks to a rainbow of natural fruit acids, which contain natural AHAs. Meanwhile, the aloe and rose waters (which lend the potion a light-weight texture) soothe and gently moisturise newly polished pores to reduce redness and boost hydration for a natural glow.

With certified vegan and cruelty-free formulas and 100% recyclable packaging, you’ll rest easy with this serum in your nighttime routine.

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