What? Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream Super Lotus Night Recovery

Why? Because ‘beauty sleep’ just got literal.

For many of us, catching some ZzZz’s is the one and only opportunity to truly take some time for ourselves. So, indulging in a little self-care – even while you’re out for the count – is paramount to preserving the very best of number one. 

Enter the newest technology from Fresh: Developed using the natural, youth-enhancing properties of a whole and living lotus plant, its whipped Night Recovery face cream reduces the signs of skin stress and fatigue that have been acquired throughout the day, ridding your complexion of the lot of them – and all while you’re drifting through the land of nod!

Our brains might be snoozing, but – come the witching hour – our skin is working overtime and is at its most receptive; that’s why it pays to make the most of these precious moments, capitalising on the narrow window to rejuvenate your visage on every level. 

Chamomile flower and peach leaf extract will lend that relaxing something, and fragrance your dreamscape, beautifully. Smells like a very good night’s sleep, indeed…

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