Having done my fair share of 'boxercise' – a spin-off of the real deal sans the broken jaw – I wasn't a complete boxing novice when I signed up to kickboxing-inspired studio(-cum-nightclub), Flykick

I was, however, a newbie to the endurance that goes hand-in-hand with the 'AMRAP' (as many rounds as possible) high intensity training, kickboxing and punching in the 'Flykick formula'. Boxing is notorious for its discipline... And I can concur that two weeks of Flykick's signature 55 minute workout was as much of a mental test as it was physical. 

Josephine, mid-burpee, wears leggings and bra from plant-based activewear brand, Carrot Banana Peach.

Staggered into three core sections, after a brief warmup the class launches into a mixture of body-weight moves like burpees, planks and plyometric squats in its AMRAP section of three rounds of three minutes. Encouraged to empty the 'tank' so to speak, this, in itself, is a workout to feel proud of accomplishing... Trainers dub it the "hardest part", which I second for its relentless nature; the mental challenge is knowing the crux of what you signed up for is yet to come when you're already pooped.

Cunningly, the way Flykick have designed their formula means you're able to catch your breath over a five minute full body stretch ahead of the bag rounds. Making the most of the deep inhalations in pigeon pose is the trick to keeping piping-hot cheeks at bay, while the focus on hip-flexor and back stretches injury-proofs the punches and kicks you'll soon be throwing. I'm chalking not feeling a single twinge up to the science of stretching.

Once suitably refreshed and ready, eight bag rounds (with a core blast to finish) are all that stand between you and the finish line. Giving the trainers your full attention as they demonstrate the combinations is key here. As each round – of two and a half minutes – builds on the former with new moves thrown in like an upper hook, a jab or a rear leg kick, missing the next combinations means you'll be freestylin' (...talking from experience here). Were it the case that you found yourself jabbing and kicking on your own accord, what's nice about the class is that the trainers quickly get you back on track when checking in on their routine patrols. If you can, however, get the routine spot on as it gets more complex it means you'll get the most from the round without stopping and starting.

An action shot if we've ever seen one.

On average, it was about three rounds in when I really felt like I was in the zone: focused on letting go with every punch, keeping my 'guard up', and landing my strikes in the correct positioning to see my imaginary opponent off.

Once you can get into the space – into "the flow", if you like – the rounds become more and more enjoyable as a release. Coupled with knowing I'd given it my all in the AMRAP and through tuning into the laser-focus of the routines, I left every class on an (endorphin-)high with my mind reset. A full body blitz, I'm crediting Flykick for helping me get back on track after a bit of an accidental exercise hiatus and for bringing more tone to my bod' – my shoulders particularly. Like any workout, muscle soreness was part and parcel with the sessions, after all, it's not everyday I boot and punch with abandon, at least, you'd like to think...

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