With a name like 'FaceGym', I knew that I wasn’t in for a facial of the relaxing kind when I first stepped into one of the skincare line’s many 'workout' studios last week.

Founded by Inge Theron – best known for her Financial Times column, Chronicles of a Spa Junkie, in which she (like us) Tried & Tested treatments of all sorts, before embarking on a two-year study in face massage and muscle stimulation – this new facial concept targets the muscles of the face like it would a body workout. The difference here is that this regime involves sitting in a chair, and letting somebody else do all the heavy lifting. Now that’s our kind of gym session!

As a completely zero-risk, non-invasive treatment, FaceGym facials are lauded for their ability to create a natural lift through putting the 40-plus muscles of the face through their paces. Intrigued, I booked in for The Signature workout, and braced myself for what the so-called "training" would bring...

The FaceGym workout mirrors the structure of a typical body workout: A warm-up, followed by a cardio blast, finishing with a cool down. The sensations weren’t like anything I’ve experienced before; I chose to take the middle ground and opt for medium pressure, which was a safe bet as there were points during the procedure that erred on the painful side... In a good way, mind you!

Strategic pinching and pulling wakes up the muscles, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and a number of tools were called upon to get the best results. The FaceGym Pro, which applied mild yet forceful electrical muscle stimulation, penetrated deep into the small muscle fibres to strengthen and tone (also causing my lip to twitch, completely involuntarily); the mini 'yoga ball' Face Ball released tension as it rolled across my visage; the "magic wand" Gold Derma Roller boosted the skin’s production and circulation; and the Hayo’U Beauty Restorer, which was fresh out of the fridge eased areas of tension around the forehead and jawline... It may sound like it was hard going, but it was, in fact, incredibly relaxing. I felt the stress melt away, and my face definitely looked more sculpted and fresh upon leaving.

If a doze-off-in-the-chair kind of facial is what you’re after, FaceGym isn’t for you: But if you’re all about seeing (and feeling) instant results, you’re looking at the answer.

Take your face to the gym! P.S. It’s not as bad as it sounds. 

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