We've toiled, we've sweated, we've overcome. So we feel that in the coming year we deserve a little rejuvenation. It is a time of resolutions and of putting our best foot, or face, forward after all. And in a post-New Year revelry daze the therapeutic effects of a spritz infused with antioxidants and essential oils might be just what we are looking for.

Face mists are more than fancy waters, the effective ones contain active ingredients and humectants to fight dryness, brighten a dull complexion and revitalize tired skin - especially essential during the winter months when the skin can get dry and tight. But with the profusion of face mists out there, how do you know which one is best suited to your skin type?

For those with dry skin it is best to try a mist that contains hyaluronic acid which encourages maximum hydration by retaining moisture in the skin. Mists that are rich in anti-oxidants can help reduce inflammation and combat the effects of free radicals and daily exposure to city pollutants. Those which naturally exfoliate can help brighten the skin and even tone helping to main a smooth visage. And for oily skin, you should use mists that are oil and silicone free to prevent sebaceous build up and clogged pores. We've made an edit so you can find the one that best suits what your skin needs:

For sensitive skin: Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water
Like all Herbivore’s products, their face mist is entirely vegan and free of synthetics. This pretty in pink product is made from a blend of organic coconut water, rose water and hibiscus flower. The amino acids in the coconut water replenish the skin, promoting elasticity and fullness. And the salic and citric acid found in the hibiscus flower helps the skin to naturally exfoliate, brightening and evening the skin tone.

For oily skin: Dr Barbara Strum Hydrating Face Mist
This mist is made with hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich purslane plant extract, aloe extract, prickly pear extract (which contains vitamin E and K and helps to repair the skin barrier) as well as smoothing allantoin (which encourages natural exfoliation and cellular regeneration). The added lemon extract also helps to control oil production and unplug pores as well as providing a dose of vitamin C for skin tone and appearance.

For damaged skin: Mauli Supreme Skin Rose Mist
Mauli’s Supreme Skin Rose mist is formulated with moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidant rich rose water. This is blended with anti-inflammatory turmeric and honeysuckle which can help with scarring and acne to restore, balance and hydrate the skin.

For dry skin: La Mer Mist
Charged with ‘live magnets’, this hydrating formulation is infused with purifying and cleansing eucalyptus, anti-inflammatory rose water as well as seaweed, which is full of humectants and vitamin E, meaning super hydrated and moisturized skin.

For tired skin: Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist
Elizabeth Arden’s lightweight hydrating mist is a zesty blend of acai, mangosteen, noni and pomegranate. These fruits are incredibly rich in anti-oxidants to neutralise the effects of free radicals on the skin and help to stimulate cellular regeneration. There is added coffee seed extract which contains vitamin B-3 and helps to reduce inflammation and brighten skin. 

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