What… Hyaluronic acid-infused Self Tanning Drops from “honest and transparent” Danish brand, Ecooking.

Why… Adding just a few drops to your moisturiser will imbue a natural glow – saving your skin from streaky tan lines.

As tempting as it is to bask in the sun with nothing but factor five for that instant tan gratification, sun damage is no joke. An uneven complexion, age spots and premature wrinkles are just a handful of the plights you can expect to be served. So when it comes to facial SPF, we’re all for it. We’ve been told enough times

Protecting our largest organ isn’t up for debate during the summer season – and it needn’t be with many of our facial skincare saviours boasting SPF. However, our avid use of facial SPF (hello, factor 50 all day, everyday) can also block the golden glow that our limbs would otherwise be kissed with. This is where the fake bake usually makes an appearance – but, for the most part, regular tanning options don’t cut it with breakouts and irritation going hand-in-hand with application. Plus, a questionable tangerine tint is often in tow...

With Danish brand, Ecooking – founded in Tina Søgaard’s kitchen in 2015 and on the pillars of affordability and problem-solving – tan disasters are a thing of the past. Nothing short of a miracle solution, the brand’s Self Tanning Drops offer a radiant bronze flush to our skin, without having to compromise on skin care. The clear liquid is fragrance-free and uses a host of our favourite skin-foods (see: hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe water), making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. 

And how to use? The drops are designed to be mixed with your morning moisturiser – giving you complete control to crank up the shade as you please to match your tan. To get started, Ecooking recommends using two to three drops daily for that gradual glow. And, just to make this a little sweeter... In line with the brand’s ethical ethos, the screw-top bottle allows for easy reuse, while all of the packing fill in online orders is made of corn, meaning you can easily recycle with water. 

Get your tan on with the Self Tanning Drops here, and shop Ecooking’s wider range via Cult Beauty:

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