Having been a huge fan of the cyrotherapy pod chambers and the effects it had on my body, including skin surfacing, I was quick to jump at the chance to try the cyro facial at Kensington's The Wellness People. I went to meet Dr. Roshni, who specialises in cryo treatments; she uses uses the machine daily with clients in order to help deal with many different skin concerns. It's fair to say that I was intrigued to see what the benefits would be...

First up, Dr. Roshni applied a lubricant to my skin and then the machine was instantly at work... It only latest ten minutes (making it a great lunchtime option), purely because the vaporised liquid nitrogen needs to be constantly moving over the face skin – forehead, around eyes, cheeks and down to the neck – to help stimulate cell renewal, collagen and strengthen the skin.

It was an interesting sensation: it felt like cold ice cubes being smoothly ran over my face; it was a really calming sensation. Soon after I left, the appearance on my skin was noticeable. My rosy cheeks quickly disappeared as my face temperature acclimatised; my skin was left glowing; it felt noticeably smoother and tighter. The result? I was hooked. Consider this a pick-me-up on the day of special events for instant effects.

I booked straight away to go back to begin reducing my double chin (it's a hereditary family thing that's been a concern of mine for some time) as Dr.Roshni advised it can be softened and blamed away with this treatment. 

The facial costs £200 for a single session but the first session is £100 (a real steal) and a pack of five sessions is £925. For because readers, you can receive a 50% discount off of your first treatment if you book with the code BM50 when you contact Dr. Roshni.

Further reap the benefits of cryotherapy with 111skin, the beyond beauty brand:

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