What? Ziggy Stardust-inspired Icon eyeshadow palette.

Why? Because you’ll be able to ch-ch-ch-change up your look – from dusk 'til dawn!

Other than Harry Potter and his infamous scar, there’s no one more synonymous with the lightning bolt than David Bowie’s alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust – who forever revolutionised beauty, when he debuted the striking look in 1973 for his Aladdin Sane album.

Inspired by the bold signature of the late musical legend, Charlotte Tilbury (also a legend in her own right) now pays homage to the trailblazer with her pigment-packed Icon Palette of 12 shades. Emblazoned with that red and blue lightning bolt, the product’s artwork and its rich contents give one massive nod to the glamorous Ziggy.

Spanning sage green, electric blue, charcoal and iridescent cream champagne, the palette is split into four segments – Day, Date, Diva and Disco – with each trio of colours working together to deliver looks with wow factor. 

Keep it on hand to dial up your make-up and be every inch an icon!

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