What… Burberry’s new wave of lip-loving formulas: Beauty Kisses Lip Lacquer.

Why… Because this unapologetically bold gloss eschews its gloopy counterparts.

Burberry have long mastered the art of lipstick – with their fabled Liquid Lip Velvets and Kisses Gloss to show for it. Now, almost a century on from the launch of their beauty line comes their latest addition: Beauty Kisses Lip Lacquer. 

What differentiates these Beauty Kisses is their promise for a laminated and long-lasting finish (that’s eight hours to be precise), which bestows pouts with panache. Better yet, for its glossy never gloopy liquid formula, you won’t spend your whole life peeling hair off of your lips… Don’t pretend you haven’t been there!

With one glide of the cushion-tipped applicator, the expert formula – of moisture-wicking hyaluronic acid and revitalising ginger root extractdelivers lip-loving goodness. Meanwhile, the trend-led and runway-inspired colours capture the British ‘Burberry glow’. From velvety nudes to sensual plum-hued purples, the spectrum of twelve gives you endless choice; perhaps wear Nude No.03 for day-time errands and employ Military Red No.41 for your evening escapades. The compelling shades and their smooth buttery finishes will take your look to the next level.

Make like a Burberry girl with more favourites from their beauty range:

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