Were money no object, weekly facials would be a given during this long winter slog

And yet, because it is, we're looking to the next best thing: An illuminating array of products that bring a radiance boost to our daily routines.


It all starts with cleansing. Getting your routine down pat will pave the way for brightening goodness to be lapped up by the skin. A hero from De Mamiel’s ‘Botaniques’ range of skin-perfecting probiotics, peptides and precious gem powders, the powder-to-paste Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate potion is a gentle polishing agent and treat for the skin. Crafted with finely ground pearl and mineral powders, Vitamin C and ginseng, it’s designed to be used either daily for ‘normal’ skin types, or up to three times a week for those with sensitive skin – all in a bid to refine visages without aggravating them.

Another option is Indie Lee’s strawberry-infused Brightening Cleanser: A strengthening and nourishing, cooling gel formula that promotes ample luminosity. It rings in extra points for its secondary function as a re-texturising mask (just leave it to set for five minutes or so).


With your 'slate' suitably cleaned, look to the myriad products that are brimming with targeted brightening goodness. Featuring ‘DermaPep’, an ingredient that blocks melanin production – thus making it one of the most powerful brightening heroes – Eve Lom’s Brightening Cream, quite literally, does what it says on the tin. Teamed with a medley of ingredients including Chinese root extract, Vitamin E and hydrating sodium hyaluronate (all of which work to restore the skin’s structure and combat oxidate stress, simultaneously correcting pigmentation), this miracle-worker is a huge winner in our books.

As an added, targeted boost, Antipodes’ mineral water-based Apostle Brightening Serum – with its unique blend of patented Vinanza Performance Plus, Vinanza Oxifend and kiwifruit that acts as a natural exfoliating enzyme – is a wonderfully restorative concoction for all skin types.


Finally, to give your eyes some love, Sunday Riley’s Autocorrect Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream is our go-to. Harnessing a rather interesting combination of caffeine, horse chestnut and Brazilian ginseng root extract, alongside watermelon extract, shea and cocoa butter, this cream revives and nourishes to wave goodbye to puffiness and dark circles.

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