What? Liquid Matte Roller Liner by Benefit Cosmetics.

Why? Because a 'winged' effect – sans the smudging – has always evaded us! 

Why did the chicken cross the road? To be the first through the door of the latest eyeliner launch!

While poultry and makeup aren’t an obvious marriage, Benefit Cosmetics is proving that opposites (of sorts) well and truly attract, thanks to a pop-up Mother Clucker chicken shop to celebrate its new Roller Liner range.

Touted for its ability to create controlled, smudge- and fade-proof ‘wings’ – all down to an extra-long, felt tip end – it’s the dramatic finish that our peepers have been praying for.

Drying quick-as-a-wink, easy to apply, and water-resistant with up to 24 hours of staying power, we’re frankly in awe of what this liquid liner can do... In fact, you won’t believe your feline-flicked eyes!

Feel the benefit(s)! Shop our edit here:

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