Ayurveda. The ancient Indian holistic healing system – quite literally translating to “The Science of Life” – is usually met with two types of responses: “Ayur-whaaaa...” or “My dosha is 30% Vata, 70% Pitta, which means I shouldn’t drink coffee...”. What we mean by this is there’s two groups of people: the in-the-know and the novices. 

If you’re in the latter, it’s A-OK, for we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round-up a bitesize introduction via the modern products calling on its 5,000 year old wisdom. If you are, however, already on a path towards a greater mind-body connection, you may be familiar with the principles that form the Mother of All Healing. In a nutshell, our mind-body types fall into three categories, which factor in our physical makeup and personality traits: Vata basically means you’re more of the airy fairy type, while Pitta means you’re more of the fiery kind and Kapha lends itself to being more grounded. 

As more and more of us computer-dwelling stress pots continue to seek out a sense of calm and greater understandings of our inner worlds, Ayurveda is a concept that continues to crop up. There’s myriad ways we can embrace the way of living without an entire lifestyle overhaul if it arrives as a little intimidating – and one of these ways is through the beauty department. 

Allow us to give you a helping hand...

Wunder Workshop Golden Balance Adaptogen Blend
When we think of traditional Indian spices, turmeric and ginger tank high on the list. Other ingredients that are also native to the land, but which you may be a little less familiar with, include the powerful iron-rich adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha. Meaning ‘the smell of horse’ in Sanskrit (don’t let this put you off, as in truth, it’s an indication of the herbs vigor, strength and impact), the herb is the stallion of health products, as it arrives as your fast-track ticket to managing stress levels through reducing adrenal fatigue and stabilising thyroid hormones.

Harnessing the above ingredients, with the added boost of liquorice root, black pepper and cayenne pepper, Wunder Workshop have created a wunder-ful blend that’s designed to combat our modern stresses. Endorsed by Nutrition Consultant, Chantal Di Donato, a teaspoon of the blend is best enjoyed in a hot or cold cup of dairy-free milk. Switch out your afternoon can of coke and reap the benefits… 

Mauli Rituals, Grow Strong Hair Oil
Along with eating the right foods for your constitution, rituals are a big part of Ayurvedic traditions. Among them is ‘Shirodhrara’, which is a healing technique centred around massaging your head with the dripping of warm oil onto the forehead – in alignment with the third-eye.

An adaptation of said concept, Mauli Rituals – who base their brand around all things Ayurveda – have formulated an oil, the Grow Strong Hair Oil, with an antioxidant powerhouse conncontion of Indian gooseberry, brahmi and moringa to activate the follicles at a cellular level to reconstruct, protect and deliver hydration. 

All you need to do is massage a few drops of the product into the scalp and leave overnight... And, voila! Hello, thick, healthy, glossy hair. Not only will this make a world of difference to your hair, but the benefits of this restoration remedy can be seen in your memory and cognition – bringing clarity and strength to all the senses. 

Cocobaci Oil Pulling
Another traditional ritual that’s stood the test of time is a bit of an eyebrow raiser: oil pulling. A science-backed and simple technique, it’s a case of swishing oil around your mouth (preferably on an empty stomach) to detox, freshen breath and, as added kudos, whiten the teeth. 

In Ayurveda, this oil can be sesame or coconut oil. Getting on board with coconut, natural and certified organic brand, Cocobaci,  have harnessed its prowess in their 15 Day Smile Therapy pack. In a bunch of flavours – cool mint, raspberry and lemon and fennel sparkle – we’ve gone loco for their coco; each flavour which has its own benefits. While Cool mint is stimulating, invigorating, warming and clearing, lemon sparkle is stimulating with sharp and uplifting elements, and  raspberry is a full-on fruity, sweet, tart delight.

As the idea of scooping coconut oil straight of the jar is a little far-fetched, the brand makes for a great place to start your oral and overall health game changing ritual.

You can shop the flavoursome range via coco-baci.com

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