CBD is the buzzword in beauty this year and Apothem is a new UK-based brand to know. Specializing in luxury organic beauty products, they have combined the therapeutic qualities of CBD with healing botanicals and aromatherapy.

But what exactly is CBD, you ask? Good question. Given the spate of new launches using it as a key ingredient the term has been thrown around and we're breaking it down here. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which affects the body’s endocannabinoid system meaning increased serenity, better sleep and even better skin. Although medicinal use of cannabis only became legal last November, the market for cosmetic cannabis is worth £300 million in the UK alone.

 Apothem - launched just this past October - strive for total transparency and the highest quality of verified CBD. Following the September harvest of their own-grown hemp in southern Spain and with their own proprietary extracting and testing lab facility, each product is a perfectly blended formula to target specific ailments.

The Day Drops are made purely from CBD blended with neutral oils, whereas their other products are made with botanical mixes.

The Defence Drops blend CBD with echinacea, ginger, elderberry, shiitake mushroom, goldenseal (which is used in traditional medicine as an anti-microbial) and olive leaf (which has multifarious anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties) to re-energise an immune system battered by winter lethargy and illness.

And to encourage a soporific state and more restorative sleep, their sweet-tasting Lights Out Drops are formulated with chamomile, along with a blend of oats, skullcap, lemon balm, reishi, l-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea and shown to reduce anxiety) and catnip (which contains nepetalactone, shown to improve relaxation and alleviate nervousness).

Multi is a hydrating skin balm chock full of antioxidants and natural emoliants such as oat extract to replenish dry and tight skin. Recharge is a cooling menthol gel to alleviate tired tight worn-out muscles and target tension. Their bath salts, Unplug, offer total relaxation blending Dead Sea, Epsom and Celtic salts enriched with plants to repair and protect the skin. And their toning body oil, Sculpt, is a blend which encourages circulation to transform tired skin and improve suppleness.

Drop by drop, their botanic blends and topical cannabidinol concoctions will restore balance to the body, enliven sore skin, ameliorate illness, soothe tired muscles and encourage mental tranquility.  We are fans, can't you tell?

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