Bobble hat weather is upon us – and with it, comes the annual bevy of dry skin, cracked cuticles and wayward manes that really don’t want to play ball.

There are, however, numerous precautions that can be put into place to prevent and protect, from head to toe. Armed with the following, you needn’t suffer at the hands of Mr Jack Frost...

Get to the Root of the Problem
Scalp care is having a bit of a moment. Between cult-favourite Aēsop and Ayurveda-inspired Mauli Rituals, brands by the dozen are dispensing nourishing concoctions, which promise to restore both moisture and balance. In the colder months, when cranked-up heating and woollen hats feature as a mainstay, every new iteration comes as music to our ears!

And it’s not just our scalps that are suffering. When not treated with due care, winter’s chill can also lead to lacklustre locks that are anything but festive. Aside from ensuring that your tresses are never wet before leaving the front door (a paramount step to avoiding the frizz), a rich mask is also a must to keep dehydration at bay. Our favourites arrive in the form of deliciously nourishing overnight iterations care of Sachajuan and BLEACH London.

Moisture, Moisture and more Moisture
Cold-weather aggression doesn’t stop at our hair
; what’s required is an action plan to foil winter’s evil plot to strip skin of its glow. Layer-caking hydrating products is the solution. From thick moisturisers to nourishing oils and serums, you name it, we’ll use it! While it might not always be the best rule of thumb, in this instance, more is very definitely more.
Hyaluronic acid comes into its own in colder climes, providing ample moisture when our skin screams for it most. Dr. Dennis Gross wins the category with his Hyaluronic Marine range, which corrects environmental damage while simultaneously plumping and stimulating the production of essential proteins. Just in time for winter, his expansive collection of boosters, masks, eye gels and moisturisers has grown to encompass lip care, taking shape as the Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion – meaning we can all bid ‘Adieu!’ to chapped lips, once and for all.

Don’t Forget those Limbs!
Beneath layer upon layer upon layer of knitwear, toasty limbs may feel like the least of your worries – however, this mindset isn't going to do much good in the long run. (Think about future you!) Cue regular exfoliation and, you guessed it, a whole lot of moisturising.

Buffing skin twice a week with a natural and gentle-yet-effective exfoliator, like Indie Lee’s Coconut Citrus Scrub, is a great place to start to shred dehydrated and dead skin cells, and pave the way for nourishing creams. With a medley of coconut, lemongrass and vanilla, it also happens to smell like the tropics – which is very much welcomed, given London’s current 4pm sunset...

Once each appendage is suitably scrubbed, follow on with an organic and 100% vegan botanical body blend by way of Swedish luxury labelBjörk & Berries, and complete proceedings with an utterly indulgent experience.

Keep it cool this winter. Shop the full edit of cold-beating beauty here:


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