Who loves the sun? We love the sun!

However, come these dark winter days, us Brits are seriously lacking in that department. That is, unless our nutrition is on point to compensate – but, even then, we’re probably still at a deficit… 

There’s much hype around needing Vitamin D in our lives – and for good reason. A lack of the good stuff can cause bones to soften and weaken since, without it, the body can’t absorb calcium and phosphate from our diet. That’s not to mention how essential it is to enhancing our immune systems and managing blood sugar levels. All and all, D is a pretty big player in the vitamin game.

Illustration by Amanda Eliasson.

Although supplementation is often a last resort, Vitamin D is the anomaly; it’s very much encouraged to indulge in an added boost to see us through the months that seem to roll on-and-on-and-on ad infinitum. Last month, we met founder of Anatomē, Brendan Murdoch, who insisted that his Vitamin D-3 supplement (a form of Vitamin D) is just what the doctor ordered to step-in during the sun’s absence…

Dr Nigma Talib – a guru in naturopathic practice – and Garden of Life's vegan-certified spray are equally as potent.


Promoting a triple-whammy beautifying effect for the hair, skin and nails, all while supporting key body functions, Dr Nigma Talib’s one-a-day capsules have worked for famous glowing faces like Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz… So they’ll work for you, too! A spray alternative, Garden of Life’s Mykind Organic Vegan D3 Spray includes organic plant omegas, plus organic pumpkin seed and cranberry oils, with no artificial colours or preservatives, making it the cleanest of its kind. Opt for a single spray or get mix-happy with your favourite drink…

Meanwhile, topical beauty gets its fair share of this potent vitamin via Zelens’ Power D Treatment Drops, which deeply penetrate with provitamin D to boost the skin’s natural barrier function, replenish lipids, protect against microbial attacks and ward off the onslaught of city life. Weave it into your routine under a serum or moisturiser – and make way for a plumped, supple complexion. Plus, for Vitamin D on-the-go, clear some space for Alpha–H’s Daily Essential Vitamin Mist – enriched with aloe vera, lavender and cureberry – which boasts a comprehensive mix of A,B,C, D and E to deliver dewy radiance and protection anytime.  


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