Thrust into the spotlight for its non-comedogenic, non-oily and humectant attributes, squalane is one of those skincare ingredients that has it all going on.

A botanical lipid that’s 100% saturated oil (we see your coconut oil, and we raise you…) and formed when squalene – a property that we naturally produce until we’re around the age of 30 ­– undergoes the hydrogenation process, squalane is an ally of our skin through and through, and does its job just as well solo as it does when partnered with a whole host of complexion-nourishing accompaniments.

Looking to the fruits of the Mediterranean, we’ve rounded up a trio of the best olive oil-derived squalane-rich products that replenish essential fatty acids and antioxidants to promote supple, smooth-as-silk skin.

The Ordinary – 100% Plant-Derived Squalane
So convinced of squalane’s super-charged hydrating powers, Deciem’s cult favourite label The Ordinary bottles 100% of the stable hydrocarbon – and nothing more – in its 30ml 100% Plant-Derived Squalane. As well as preventing the skin’s ongoing moisture loss, this natural hydrator can be doubled-up as a haircare hero – providing heat protection, enhancing shine and reducing breakage.

Pestle & Mortar – Hydrate Moisturiser
The beauty of squalane is that daily usage yields greater protection from oxidative stress – which is excellent news considering Pestle & Mortar’s lightweight, triple-peptide Hydrate Moisturiser is designed for a daily ritual. Along with the magical squalane, which restores the proper balance of the skin’s oils, this free radical-fighting cream is armed with jojoba oil, green tea extract, pomegranate extract and Vitamin E activity from tocopherol to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines while stimulating collagen.

Kiehl’s – Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl’s was one of the first brands to recognise the myriad benefits of squalane and integrate it into its products. For a nourishing night-time facial (that works wonders even when you’re in the Land of Nod), it doesn’t come any better than the Midnight Recovery Concentrate that blends its squalane dose alongside evening primrose and lavender oil to improve firmness and elasticity overnight with just 2-3 calming drops.

Talk about instant gratification…