Haven't you heard? Haircare is the new skincare, darling! Allow us to explain...

With the launch of its oh-so-glossy range of six unisex products, Sisley Paris pledges to improve the look of your locks, starting at their roots. The aim is to care for scalp cells first (that's where the 'skincare' comes in) – and the result, as you'll learn, is total barnet beauty!

Blending botanical extracts, vitamins, cotton proteins and essential oils, each holistic concoction improves hair growth, protection, shine and suppleness. From the sleek serum, to a nourishing emergency mask to sulphate-free foaming shampoo, no textural stone is left unturned; plus, with notes of citrus, peach blossom and amber, it all whiffs as beautifully as it works.

There's no excuse for a hairy situation in 2018. After all, luscious locks are only skin deep.

Your hair deserves this... Click here to shop the Sisley Paris range.