Saying that we women are multifaceted, multitalented, multi-flippin-marvels is to state the all too painfully obvious; when female-kind puts its mind to something, anything and everything is possible. In his inaugural fragrance for Calvin Klein, Raf Simons pays tribute to precisely that…

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Blended around themes of sisterhood – and that, behind every strong and successful woman, there is a tribe of other strong and successful women who have got her back – Calvin Klein WOMEN celebrates the palpable power that comes in numbers (Who runs the world? Girls!), and bottles the core and complex contrasts of femininity. Delicate and fresh orange flower petals, and eucalyptus teamed with rich Alaskan cedar wood marry together to conjure a varied character of undeniable strength and softer undertones.

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And, because empowered women empower women, we’re rallying up the female forces at Because Magazine's HQ to share and honour the women that inspire us each and every day…

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