As convinced as we are of the myriad joys of maximalism, simplicity – particularly in the case of skincare – is not something to be sniffed at.

Natural healing principles and philosophies were instilled in Sonia Deasy from an early age, all of which the Founder of Pestle & Mortar (beauty brand of-the-moment) was determined to channel when the time came to masterminding her own skincare collection’s manifesto. With products that tap into nature’s expansive store cupboard and harness the power of hero ingredients such as squalane and the Vitamin A-rich rose hip oil, this streamlined range prides solutions and remedies to the full gamut of complexion complaints.

A busy mother of five, Sonia was all-too-aware of the need for products that are simple yet effective – but that also won’t make your bathroom look like a doctor’s office. ‘Less is more’ needn’t mean lacking in style... Pestle & Mortar is a case in point.

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