Liberty London has long been fabled for its cult collaborations that usually involve a lot of prints – see Richard Quinn’s Limited Edition accessories and Florence Welch (of Florence and The Machine)’s silky sleepwear from the past month as reference. 

And they just keep on comin’! This time around, the newest partnership resides outside of the parameters of fashion and dips its toe into the beauty pool with Experimental Perfume Club's newest fragrance concept, exclusive to the storied house. Deconstructing the layers that collectively make up a scent – the base, middle and top notes – and assigning them each a figurative pedestal, Layers 01 is the first blending collection from trained nose, Emmanuelle Moeglin. Having honed her craft at L’Oréal and Puig over the past decade, Emmanuelle is well versed in the foundations of fantastic fragrance and that the key lies in the combination itself; it's this knowledge that makes for the premise of her blending trio (of light bergamot for the top, uplifting jasmine for the middle and musky sandalwood for the undertone) that enables you to design your very own idiosyncratic scent and change it up on the daily.

Happy mixing! 

Craft your unique olfactory story. Click here to shop Experimental Perfume Club at Liberty London.

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