It ain’t necessarily pretty or glamorous, but applying deodorant is just one of those things that we do on a daily basis with little or no thought attached. The same goes for how the majority of us shop for our pit protection ­– and it may yet be coming back to bite us!

Opinions on the aluminium salts – the ductile metal in deodorant – are divided. Critics profess that they’re only good for plugging-up sweat glands (SOZ, there’s no elegant way to say that), which in turn, hinders the detoxifying process; some also argue that, because of the armpits' close proximity to lymph nodes, they can also contribute to breast cancer. We should point out that these links haven’t been categorically confirmed, however there’s no doubt that there’s not a lot of good to be said for the old-school aluminium-laden products, bolstered by ingredients like propylene glycol (a petroleum-based substance) and phthalates (a plasticising chemical that’s often disguised as fragrance).

Putting all of the above to the free-from generation was never going to go down well, was it? Since we’re as conscious about what goes in to our bodies as what’s slathered on to them day in, day out, the new breed of chemical-free alternative deodorants that have been popping up all over the shop are making us question our previous pit protection decisions too – and ensure that our underarms needn't be left out of the au naturel party.

Sniffing out the market, it's brands like botanical, aromatic Aesop, probiotic-based Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and nature-backed Origins that are leading the way with their kind yet effective concoctions that ensure the pong is kept at bay, without introducing any nasties to our skin.

With a blend of essentials oils and ingredients like zinc, witch hazel, vetiver root and sage leaf, Aesop's alcohol-free alternatives re-imagine roll-on and spray formats with the promise of leaving your underarms feeling and smelling fresh as a daisy all day long, regardless of what the city throws your way; Origins' alcohol and aluminium-free No Offense deodorant eliminates odours with the scents of orange, blackcurrent and jasmine with just one application; meanwhile, Aurelia Probiotics Skincare, with its cream-to-powder pot of antimicrobial arrowroot and moisture-absorbing kaolin clay (that's to be applied with clean fingertips), sits on the skin and patiently waits to absorb perspiration throughout the day.

So, before you reach for the antiquated guard of questionable aerosols, take a pit stop (pun intended) to rethink what goes onto those underarms of yours!

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