Pursuing our creative passions is the reason we jump out of bed in the morning. For Florence-based siblings Andrea and Chiara Valdo of Jusbox perfumes, there are two in particular that reign supreme.

Along with an ardent love of fragrance, there’s a delight in music that’s shared by both – and, cunningly, the pair have forged a niche for the two that smells as good as it sounds. Think scents that pinch their inspirations from soundscapes and musical genres, taking between six months and two years in the making to encapsulate the olfactory notes of an entire musical era.

As Andrea and Chiara expand their collection and welcome in two newbies to the range, Green Bubble and No Rules, we caught up with the duo to discover what first ignited this unique concept.

How did your combined upbringing ignite your passion for perfumery?
We’re a family of perfumers and, of course, music lovers! Our parents first met in a perfume shop in Milan and they both worked in the industry; our father subsequently founded a classic Italian company while our mother raised us. We were surrounded by the scents of cosmetics and fragrances (overpowering flowery bouquets, which were very en vogue in the 1980s, are potently synonymous with our childhood), and exposed to all genres of music – from jazz to classical.

What do you consider to be the crossovers between smell and sound?
The way in which our brain responds to a feeling is akin to that which is evoked by music or scent; both sensory stimulators bring memories flooding back. Once you join up the dots and associate a smell with something, you fall for it like crazy. Plus, fun fact, some people argue that if you’re listening to music you can appreciate a particular fragrance better!

What feelings and memories are conjured by Green Bubble and No Rules then? 
We wanted to underline the importance of music from a cultural perspective. The two new fragrances are inspired by genres of punk and reggae, so their olfactory notes are polar opposites!

Our punk-inspired No Rules bottles contrasting flavours – we have metallic, cold facets (that nod to pins and the leather of Dr Martens) that then move and morph into something warmer. On the surface level, the scent is a little unusual and disturbing, but as you get used to it, it becomes familiar. Our use of Lavender – a traditionally British plant – further symbolises the punk revolution, as it was mainly a UK movement.

Green Bubble – taking its moniker from the typical ‘bubble’ beat of reggae music – is an ode to the genre’s birthplace, Jamaica. Reggae is thought of as much more than a rhythm or a lifestyle. It’s a religious sign, linked intrinsically to the culture Jamaica.

If you were going to single out one musical era to define yourselves respectively, what would that be?
Chiara: The 1980s was such an amazing, joyful era, full of creation, colours and expression. These years marked the starting point of my teens, where such beautiful memories were made.

Andrea: The mixture of blues and jazz that became rock’n’roll at the end of the 1960s and beginning of the 1970s was a hugely creative time. I’d go further back, to then.

Time travel and lose yourself in the scents and sounds of JusBox here:

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