We’re forever singing the praises of taking some time to unwind and drop off the face of the earth (temporarily) for brief and reinvigorating interludes. For us, these translate to candle-litaroma-therapeutic baths (silence, please!), a generously applied face mask – and an even more generously applied hair mask.

As our Great British summertime draws to a close – and our moisture-starved locks cry out for some post-heatwave lovin – we’re honing in on the latter portion of our ‘me time’ formula and choosing you the right texture and treatment to suit your strands.

Best… For Voluminous, Curly Hair
Unruly, sun-frazzled frizz is far from the top of anyone’s summer #hairgoals list… Bountiful and bouncy curls, on the other hand? Now you’re talking! SACHAJUAN’s easy as 1-2-3 Curl Treatment (masterminded by Swedish haircare professionals) is formulated with the brand’s ‘Ocean Silk’ complex, and is designed to provide intensive care, smoothing the hair’s cuticles to craft tresses that are supercharged with shine

Best for… Limp, Fine Hair
All of our hair requires some TLC from time to time – even more so if you’re prone to locks that err on the limp side. Leonor Greyl’s natural, leave-in Tonique Vivifiant Vitalizing formula of amino acids and botanical extracts will plug away at stimulating tissue regeneration and hair re-growth with frequent application. Turn up the volume!

Best… All Rounder
An all-in-one powerhouse that takes care of scalps and strands in a single splotch, Aēsop’s intensive moisturising treatment is your shortcut to a ‘do’ that’s prepared to play ball. Fragranced with woody yet floral notes – in the brand's signature aromatic fashion – this rich treatment is as much of a delight for the senses as it is for your tresses.

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