It’s no myth that the colossal amounts of dirt and grime our poor little mugs scoop up each and every day is a preeeeetty grim reality – and that, possibly more than ever, we need to stage a skincare intervention to save ourselves from the cons of big city living.

Deep cleansing is where it all begins. (And no, a splash of water followed by a few circular motions just ain’t gonna cut it!) We’re talking the real deal: a double-trouble, double cleanse that puts to bed any lingering free radicals by throwing in a powdered cleanser – which  cunningly exfoliates – after an initial cleanse gets rid of that top layer of makeup or product. Squeaky clean, jelly bean!

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Rooted in ancient Japanese beauty rituals, exfoliating grains – like naturally derived rice bran, oat, adzuki bean and seeds, that are all lauded for encouraging cell turnover and removing dry patches – are nothing new to our skincare regimes. However, with pollution on the up, the need for these helpfully beautifying beads is also rising, and thus cements them as the most important step pre-slathering of nourishing lotions and potions.

Our favourite duo are Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains for Face and Rodin Olio Russo’s Facial Cleansing Powder, both of which can be intensified by playing around with the ratios of product to water – and will set your skin on the right track for radiance. 

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