Curionoir Cellar Feels is styled alongside Amy Somerville.

Delicious aromas and a warm ambience; when it comes to setting an inviting scene (be it around a dinner table, in the tub, or wherever you please), a scented candle is worth its weight in gold. Now imagine, if you will, candles on another level – completely bespoke and housed in hand-blown coloured glass with rich narratives and even richer fragrances… Intrigued? So were we!

By way of New Zealand creator Tiffany Jeans, who draws on the tapestry of her life immersed in Maori culture, and the people who have shaped it – including strong, creative women and an uncle that she once believed was a warrior – the candles of our wildest fantasies are brought to life in Curionoir’s Curio Glass range of nine.

Taking inspiration from the apothecaries of yesteryear, hand-blown vessels are stamped with a logo that rings reminiscent of ancient wax seals. Each iteration is an objet d’art; no two will ever be the sameFrom Cellar Feels that draws on the nostalgia of fruits and dust in the cellar (with leafy notes of black tea and grape), to Tobacco Night that takes its cues from the lingering after-musk of a smoked tobacco pipe, each candle provides an unparalleled olfactory experience, crafted in biodegradable botanical wax and lead-free cotton wicks.

Built on pillars of sustainability and ethics, with value placed upon all of the people and makers in the chain, you know that with a Curionoir candle, you're investing in integrity – as well as the utmost beauty

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