The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘axiology’ as: The study of the nature of value and valuation, and of the kinds of things that are valuable. For Ericka Rodriguez – the Californian founder of the anti-cruelty and wholly natural lipstick range of the same name – that which is ‘valuable’ equates to a beauty range that’s vegan, organic and entirely luxury in texture and delivery. 

A tale of trial and trial (and trial and trial) again, Axiology is the tried-and-tested result of nearly 200 experimentations, all whipped up in Ericka’s own kitchen using ingredients that you’d find easily in any organic or health food store; coconut, avocado and orange essential oils (note, the absence of the ever-controversial palm oil) are three of a ten-strong concoction that acts as a nourishing base for natural mineral powder pigments.

Ericka’s latest lip-smacking venture is a line of crayons that vary in tone from burnished russet through to dusky mauve and tomato red – and, while they may go the whole hog in their variety of hue, they each stand firm on a common commitment to rich pigmentation and an even richer mix of the most delicious beauty ingredients

Because, if you wouldn’t eat it… Why slather it on your chops?

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