We first got to grips with adaptogens through meeting self-proclaimed “adaptogen junkie” Sasha Sabapathy of Glow Bar, whose wellness hub is stocked from floor to ceiling with adaptogenic herbs that help us to cope with the effects of daily pressures and stresses

Considered as natural medicines, adaptogen elixirs date back hundreds of centuries in both Indian and Chinese cultures, and have stood the test of time – making their segway into Western consciousness for their ability to support the adrenal system and balance hormones… So far, so good!

Depending on what and where you need them – be it the adaptogen of the sea, pearls, as a source of aminos to help hair, skin and nails, or rhodiola and ashwagandha to reduce stress and anxiety – adaptogens cater to a whole host of lifestyle issues, in turn increasing focus, energy and mood. 

Leading the way with targeted adaptogenic beauty and wellbeing, plant-based Moon Juice is a favourite for its cocktails of dietary ‘dusts’ that cunningly kick-start those areas in life in need of a little love. Ideal for stirring into your morning coffee or smoothie, ‘Brain Dust’, for example, shakes off any sluggishness with ingredients like Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract and Maca Root; ‘Spirit Dust’, with goji berry and salvia root helps us to attune both mind and body; and ‘Dream Dust’, when added to warm golden milk or a herbal tea before bed, is a powerful stress-combatting concoction, aiding you in getting off to the Land of Nod in a jiffy. Other ranges to note arrive from protein-based, The Nue Co., who create active, effective and nutrient-rich supplements tailored to gut health and defence systems, plus Welleco, who balance the body’s acidity level to enhance immunity and reduce inflammation through their Super Elixir

Consider this ancient wisdom your saving grace for big city life!

To suss out which adaptogen might best benefit you, we advise popping in to see Sasha at Glow Bar, or the team at goop’s new UK pop-up store, to make your decision with a helping hand from the experts. Meanwhile, shop the full edit of The Nue Co., Moon Juice and Welleco here:

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