Personalisation’ and ‘bespoke’ are two of the buzziest buzzwords in the realms of beauty and fragrance this side of 2018; cultivating a completely custom bathroom cabinet of skincare products, makeup and scents that not only work for you, but are tailored to you, via online and on-counter diagnostics and consultation is well and truly a revolution on the rise

Earlier this year in the fragrance arena, Experimental Perfume Club stepped forward with a bespoke, build-your-own perfume model, inviting us to mix’n’match the deconstructed layers – the base, middle and top notes – that collectively make up a scent. Keen to play scientist, we got mix happy, building our own idiosyncratic scents that are designed to be chopped-and-changed throughout the week.

MEMO International also unveiled a new direction in perfumery – cutting out the ‘umming’ and 'ahhing’ that usually ensues when faced with a collection of scents online. Cue Hermetica, a digital-native fragrance brand, that arrived with its personality test USP. Utilising a unique algorithm and concept of synaesthesia, the test (which can be carried out either online or in-store on integrated tablets) eschews traditional fragrance questions, instead favouring the likes of “Where do you hide your secrets?” to determine the fragrance that best complements you…Technology at its finest!

Meanwhile, in the makeup universe, beauty legend and pioneer Terry de Gunzberg (famed for innovating YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat under-eye miracle worker) has just debuted a never-before-seen concept for By Terry to celebrate 20 years of Haute Couleur.  Continuing to reinvent luxury and push the belief that beauty shouldn’t be a stereotype, Terry has introduced the Palette Factory at Selfridges – a ‘powder bar’ that pinched its inspiration from food bars, allowing you to meld powders, blushers, bronzers and eyeshadows to create unique palette unto yourself – with more-than a whopping 5,000 possible tailor-made combinations… An immersive beauty buffet, in which the customer calls the shots, it’s a harbinger of what we predict will be a surge in DIY beauty stands within bricks-and-mortar retail spaces.

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