Think yourself back to a time before Whole Foods had made it across the pond to England, a time when the term “organic” only applied to carrots, a time when juicing was some hippy thing that only people from Brighton bothered with. Now, ask yourself: what were you putting on your skin? The recent ubiquitousness and democratisation of organic and natural make-up must be celebrated, but not all skincare products are created equal.

Tata Harper products are certainly not created equal. Almost a decade ago, the Columbian-born engineer set up shop on a farm in Vermont to grow the herbs and ingredients that would make up most of her eponymous skincare line. The line sets itself apart from the natural beauty pack because unlike many brands who pack in the natural products alongside some sneaky nasties, Harper is devoted to ingredient transparency and non-toxic skincare. The products are still manufactured and packaged in Vermont, in vibrant green glass bottles and jars which can be recycled. 

And there is none of that wishy washy, lavender smelling water that smells nice but does nothing for the wrinkles, because Tata Harper products use a lot of science in their formulations – proving that natural products can be created in a laboratory. If you’re starting out on your very own Tata Harper journey, we’ve devised a starting-out shopping list so you can sample the brand’s big hitters.

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

Is it a bird? A plane? A serum? An oil? In all honestly, it’s best to think of this as pure skin food, like nourishing chicken soup for the complexion. Packed with vitamins A, B, C, D and E it’s just good stuff for every type of skin. Press into the skin when it needs rescuing from the cold, or when it’s looking dull, or feeling dry over or under moisturiser.


Resurfacing Mask
This pink clay mask packs some serious punch with aloe vera to give moisture and white willow extract to give glow. Layer on thick and you’ll see instant results; skin that looks so radiant it’s practically luminous.


Rejuvenating Serum

The Tata Harper best-seller, this Rejuvenating Serum has garnered many beauty industry accolades. It’s a natural product for anti-aging with a whopping 29 active ingredients, including a naturally occurring muscle relaxant – hailed as “organic botox” – which relaxes the muscles under the skin’s surface that produce wrinkles on the surface.


Regenerating Cleanser

This enzyme-rich exfoliating cleanser is a jack of all trades. Apply onto damp skin and massage in circles to allow the enzymes to get to work on dead skin cells,the pink clay works to eliminate impurities while the aloe vera calms any irritation.


Caroline’s pick: Crème Riche

The newest addition to the Tata Harper line, and Caroline’s favourite product from the brand, this luxuriously thick moisturiser is overflowing with hydrating natural ingredients: candle leaf extract, red maple bark and winged kelp, to name just a few. Massage a pea-sized amount into cleansed skin morning and night for an injection of goodness.

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