A rose by any other name would hardly smell as sweet as Sisley’s mysterious and romantic, Black Rose Cream Mask. Launched six years ago, we’re still feeling the skincare shockwaves. Pretty much unparalleled in the masking stakes, just 15 minutes with a thick coating of this petal-pink cream over the complexion and it totally, literally, 100% reveals better skin. It’s the number one mask in France, and if it needs more introduction than that – but really, why would it? – it contains black rose extract which is really what does all the heavy lifting in the plumping and radiance department. Forget the sheet-mask craze, applying this mask is like coating your face in complete and utter decadence, and it’s worthy of the hyperbole.

But there’s more. The Black Rose range has a new member in the family: a Skin Infusion Cream. With the very same black rose extract, the cream is a leave-on accompaniment to the original mask formula. It contains rosewater and rose, magnolia and geranium essential oils which give it a heavenly smell and even better plumping credentials. Like the mask, the infusion cream is great for reactive and dry skins, providing moisture without the heavy or oily feeling.

Sisley's Black Rose Cream Mask, 60ml, £99 at Selfridges, Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, 50ml, £128 from Selfridges.