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Christmas is that delicious time where, once a year, the laws of reason and the routines of reality are both temporarily suspended; in their place, bubbles up spontaneity, frivolity and the magic of the season!

Jo Malone’s festive fragrance captures this fancifully ebullient spirit to a tee. Housed in a powder-pink bottle – so decorative that it could almost mistaken for a Christmas trinket itself – the scent comes to life with red currants’ tarty juiciness, and is then lulled by soothing notes of green almond. While these two heavyweights jostle for centre stage, softer notes of cedarwood, tonka bean and zingy citrus waver in the background, all mulling into a warm, festive medley. 

With all things merry and bright fast approaching, we’re turning to Jo Malone to carry us through the holiday period. Toss aside the all-too-overdone red-and-gold colour scheme, and instead dive into its playful world, where opposites attract, and sugary pink and verdant apple rule the roost. Incorporate this attitude into your wardrobe; pair a deep green Dolce & Gabbana tea dress with an oversized pair of pink bejewelled glasses. Or, if you’re all about suiting up, do so in top-to-toe blush with Tibi’s double-breasted blazer, and (for an extra whack of fun) Oscar de la Renta’s beaded bauble earrings, before finally crowning the lot with a Valentino floral-print headband

And lo! A single spritz of Jo Malone banishes tatty holiday jumpers – and tired festive traditions – to the ghosts of Christmas past. 

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