We dutifully research the ingredients of our favourite cleansers, pine after moisturisers that promise glowing skin and track down products enriched with every kind of vitamin, yet we often neglect caring about what goes into our make-up. Foundation, bronzer and blush all sit on our skin for hours a day – so why don’t we treat them the same as skin care? Well, Danish make-up artist Kristen Kjær Weis wants to change all that, and her chemical-free make-up range is sure to make you re-evaluate the misconceptions about "wishy-washy" organic makeup.

Kjær Weis built her career working for the likes of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire before developing her name-sake brand Kjær Weis in 2010. She noticed many of the products her clients were using left their skin irritated – rashes and breakouts were an accepted battle they had to wage. Disgruntled, Kjær Weis began researching the chemicals that we so happily apply to our face and why organic brands were missing the mark. She then went on to pioneer her own line of certified-organic make-up that achieves the same flawless result as their chemical-ridden counterparts. No parabens, silicone, petrochemical emulsifiers, gluten or synthetic fragrances – just beautiful, bright skin.

In our new series of tutorials, Kjær Weis shows us how to master her back-to-basics approach with a focus on being kind to the skin and creating a healthy complexion. In the first of our video series, she works her magic on our very own Caroline Issa. 

Kjær Weis is available to buy at Net-A-Porter and the Beautiful Oil launches on the 23 January.